Turtle Neck Demo Tapes

October 29, 2014 Comments

Yup, they’re done homies. T Neck will be giggin Thursday, October 30th and performing skate punk cover songs. A limited run of 20 Halloween promo ‘pre-demo’ cassettes will be available at the show. Six songs to frontside grind to in spooky Halloween colors.







Goodbye Hysterics

October 15, 2014 Comments

This weekend we said goodbye to a band very near and dear to my heart, HYSTERICS. Two of the most fun shows I have attended in a while. BRICKLAYER had the honor of playing both shows in Olympia and Seattle along side new hometown heroes VEXX, MYSTERIOUS SKIN, and NUDES. Longtime friends of mine I didn’t realize how sad it was going to be to see them go until they did. From their humble beginnings as “WHITE DAD” performing their first show at the benefit for Ian Jeffries’ family on May 27th 2010, to the European tour in May of this year that marked the last tour for HYSTERICS; HYSTERICS has made their mark on American hardcore punk. In four short years the band has managed to establish themselves as a driving force behind what it means to be a ‘hardcore punk’ band; a band that pushes the envelope and truly made the musical genre relevant over 30 years later. Hysterics created a space for a demographic always marginalized in the community and took it one step forward becoming an influential driving force of the music and message. They were hardcore the way it should be, a style harkening back to the early 80s with fast and simple song structures with vocal delivery barking through every second of the song. Some of the more dynamic songs like “Sunk” will remain in my top 10 for best hardcore songs written in the past decade. It sucks to think I will never be able to mosh for it again. Whether you are a fan of the music or not one can’t deny the scope of HYSTERICS influence. The band began with a message and an intent and succeeded far beyond what they probably set out to do. Rip in peace HYSTERICS. HYSMACE lives.





Well, here we go:

October 15, 2014 Comments

It’s about time the South Sound had a hub to reference all the bands in the area again. RIP Oursound, here’s to new beginnings.