I’ll probably end up deleting this because I don’t like the space that words leave when you try to define something through them. OHC is a feeling not an object to be analyzed. This ‘parahraph’ serves as a starting point to begin to explain what is hoped to be accomplished by this “Fest” (Gathering of UNITY):

Fests are a way to further the bind of hardcore to capital. They are a means of marketing and generating money to get the biggest flash in the pan bands, generate the most return and keep money coming into an enterprise. A symptom of this is an increased notoriety of ‘fest bands’ (bands that develop a draw regardless of their musical merit or content of their band). In other words they are a bastardization of what hardcore music means to me. If you disagree that’s fine, but that’s what’s so great about Hardcore; it can be whatever you put into it. I feel like tying the privilege of hardcore in with capital takes the aforementioned value away from it and makes it one more diluted, marketable product; vapid, vacuous, draining, just one more distraction from an awful world that marginalizes you under class at every turn. This being said the point of OHC is to reframe the hardcore “fest” model. Think of it as a handful of big SHOWS not the feel of a fest. At a fest there is often a prominent dynamic of consumer, performer, organizer etc. In this new model of OHC everyone is a participant on the same level. This event couldn’t happen without the help of the Olympia COMMUNITY. Absolutely anyone is welcome and encouraged to participate in whatever way they feel a passionate connection with hardcore. In this way every person contributes something to the event, there are no power dynamics. So what about money? If it’s all anti Capital and its influence on our world, how do funds play into this event? The money is generated in creative ways so as not to perpetuate Capital; if you know me well or are familiar in your own way then you know this can be done. Because of this I don’t expect a return of the money I put into the fest, each year I start fresh giving all the money made at the shows to venues, people who devote their time to organizing and most importantly THE BANDS! Not a single dollar is given to anyone for luxury and never will be. It is instead returned to hardcore. Because of this model the fest remains cheap; the inexpensive model has been more than successful enough to pay every band touring and multiple bands from out of the country including flights for the past two years without a single hitch. The most important part of this new model of hardcore organizing that suggests the name of “a fest” is that it is centered on friends and bands with passion. Bands with something to say that make you feel a certain way (something I used to earnestly believe was inextricably intertwined with hardcore but time has proven otherwise nowadays). I have worked on fests before and all that I have learned is that if you aren’t passionate about what you’re doing it’s going to stress you out and it’s going to turn into a money issue. By making it an event to get everyone’s friends in one place at one time and to showcase bands passionate about what they want to communicate through their performance you have yourself an event focused on hardcore itself, not money, not fame, not BS, just hardcore and friendship. The end goal being UNITY and POWER, at least for a moment, and possibly a delusional ruse, in a bogus world.


Insubordinate ‘Guerilla Alleyway show with Trainyard‘ Olympia WA during Artswalk 2007.


It is happening again, August 6th and 7th! Couldn’t be more excited. More information TBA



Here’s a link to a short interview and review of some of the fest for 2015!




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Sorry I couldn’t find a complete lineup for 2014: