Bricklayer West Coast Tour

April 10, 2015 Comments

We embark today on a journey to Texas and back with our new single. Catch us on your coast and then make sure you catch The Flex gigs in the PNW when we get back!




April 10th Seattle, WA
April 11th Vancouver, BC
April 12th Portland, OR
April 13th Cop Breakfast Day

 April 14th San Fransisco, CA
April 15th San Jose, CA
April 16th Fresno, CA
April 17th Los Angeles, CA
April 18th Flagstaff, AZ
April 19th Austin, TX
April 20th Houston, TX
April 21st Austin, TX
April 22nd Dallas, TX
April 23rd Oklahoma City, OK

 April 24th Tucson, AZ
April 25th Los Angeles, CA
April 26th Oakland, CA
April 27th Olympia, WA


April 28th The Flex, Red Death, Odd Man Out, Combat Knife Portland, OR
April 29th The Flex, Red Death, GAG, Wet Brain Seattle, WA
April 30th The Flex, Red Death, Bricklayer, Wreck Olympia, WA

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