OHC Round 3

March 31, 2016 Comments

First announcement. Much more TBA stay tuned for another announcement at the end of May.


Odd Man Out Repress Pre-order

February 11, 2016 Comments

Odd Man Out’s CCHC EP just got recorded and the XXX EP was just repressed for tour in April. Get linked to pre-order the repress by clicking the image below!



Exciting News for 2016

January 30, 2016 Comments

Holy Shit where to start… For one the Fest is happening this year and I’m very excited about the lineup already stay tuned for announcements! For more details click the picture.


Odd Man Out just returned from a Mexico tour and recorded a new record the day before last. Stay tuned for more information on the release of the Capital City Hardcore EP and a promo tape before its release.

IMG_4755 OMOtour2_big


GAG just released their second LP (first full length LP) “America’s Greatest Hits” on Iron Lung records! After a short East Coast tour to play dates missed on the last full US and have some fun at America’s Hardcore Fest they will be hitting the road again coming to a city near you! Dates below. Copies are available, click on the picture to be linked to purchase!



Bricklayer, Odd Man Out and Power will be teaming up for an ultimate NW takeover of the East Coast and to play Damaged City. Keep posted for tour dates. Flier up shortly. Listen to the new Bricklayer LP “The Wall” by clicking the photo below and keep an eye out for its release.

Suds Denim is up and runnin’ again with a bunch of new demos check it out HERE

There are a shitload of new Olympia area bands, pages to come soon.

CC Dust : Is my favorite
Nasti : Has a cassette out on perennial
Lower Species : Just released a 7″ of their demo
Combat Knife : Is touring with Gag and has an LP coming out Total Combat I think still??
Rik & the Pigs : Brought back the long dead Oly tradition of Guerilla gigs
Lysol : Rose from the ashes of Freak Vibe like a phoenix
Eightball : Has a demo tape
GLOSS : is on hiatus until OHC
Turtle Neck : Will see a mighty comeback with six new songs
Stand Up : Has an incredible demo tape
Red Scare : Just recorded a new 7″ “False Unity”
Oblivion : Just played their last show
Control Test : Is now a band
Mysterious Skin : Has been touring relentlessly
Private Room : Has been on the gig game
+ More More More to come!

GAG and Combat Knife tour 2016

January 20, 2016 Comments



GAG and COMBAT KNIFE will be on the road again this time through the wild west, midwest, the south, Mexico, and the West Coast. Dates are subject to change Mexico dates WILL change please stand by.

Friday Feb 12th Olympia, WA
Saturday Feb 13th Tacoma, WA
Sunday Feb 14th Seattle, WA
Monday Feb 15th Boise, ID
Tuesday Feb 16th SLC, UT
Wednesday Feb 17th Denver, CO
Thursday Feb 18th Kansas City, MO
Friday Feb 19th St. Louis, MO
Saturday Feb 20th Chicago, IL
Sunday Feb 21st NWI, IN
Monday Feb 22nd Nashville, TN
Tuesday Feb 23rd Memphis, TN
Wednesday Feb 24th New Orleans, LA
Thursday Feb 25th Drive
Friday Feb 26th Badass Weekend Houston
Saturday Feb 27th Badass Weekend Houston
Sunday Feb 28th Badass Weekend Houston
Monday Feb 29th Mcallen, TX
Tuesday Mar 1st Monterrey, MX
Wednesday Mar 2nd Zacatecas, MX
Thursday Mar 3rd Colima, MX
Friday Mar 4th Mexico City, MX
Saturday Mar 5th Oaxaca, MX
Sunday Mar 6th Guadalajara, MX
Monday Mar 7th San Luis Potosi, MX
Tuesday Mar 8th Austin, TX
Wednesday Mar 9th Dallas, TX
Thursday Mar 10th Oklahoma City, OK
Friday Mar 11th Drive
Saturday Mar 12th Phoenix, AZ
Sunday Mar 13th Socal
Monday Mar 14th Los Angeles, CA
Tuesday Mar 15th Fresno, CA
Wednesday Mar 16th Bay
Thursday Mar 17th Bay
Friday Mar 18th Eugene, OR
Saturday Mar 19th Portland, OR
Sunday Mar 20th Olympia, WA

We WILL have copies of our new LP America’s Greatest Hits out on Iron Lung Records. See you guys soon!

Bricklayer West Coast Tour

April 10, 2015 Comments

We embark today on a journey to Texas and back with our new single. Catch us on your coast and then make sure you catch The Flex gigs in the PNW when we get back!




April 10th Seattle, WA
April 11th Vancouver, BC
April 12th Portland, OR
April 13th Cop Breakfast Day

 April 14th San Fransisco, CA
April 15th San Jose, CA
April 16th Fresno, CA
April 17th Los Angeles, CA
April 18th Flagstaff, AZ
April 19th Austin, TX
April 20th Houston, TX
April 21st Austin, TX
April 22nd Dallas, TX
April 23rd Oklahoma City, OK

 April 24th Tucson, AZ
April 25th Los Angeles, CA
April 26th Oakland, CA
April 27th Olympia, WA


April 28th The Flex, Red Death, Odd Man Out, Combat Knife Portland, OR
April 29th The Flex, Red Death, GAG, Wet Brain Seattle, WA
April 30th The Flex, Red Death, Bricklayer, Wreck Olympia, WA

OHC Vol. 2

March 16, 2015 Comments

Summer Forever. OHC will be in Olympia, WA this year on August 8th and 9th. More details to come and many more bands to be announced!



HIV Lps Are In

February 19, 2015 Comments



I’ve had these since November but am finally back in town and a show is finally booked to celebrate the life of an incredibly important person to me and to the northwest hardcore scene in general. The HIV LP has been done justice and will be available for purchase at the record release show this Saturday the 21st. I’ll put up copies on the webstore soon. Love life!


You can purchase a copy here!



GAG T’s by Martin Sorrondeguy

December 1, 2014 Comments

Martin was sweet enough to do a limited run of GAG, S.H.I.T and Limp Wrist Tees. Check them out here. Word on the street is that he’ll knock off a few bucks off the GAG T if you tell him Jeff from GAG sent you so take advantage of that! He also has quite a few other awesome things available in his store I would definitely recommend the Alerta Roja LP. :)